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We are very straightforward. No hidden fees, an increadible discounts for postage (discounts on postage which we received from carriers, we pass it directly to our customers). We provide 40-45% off for postage via USPS and 75-80% off for other carriers. No one else in industry is able to offer these discounts!

Why pick Package Boss?
  • You can save up to 80% on shipping
  • After registration, you get a US address free of charge
  • No monthly or hidden fees!
  • We are online the most of the day, when if not you can leave a message, 24/7 chat is coming
  • We will store your shipment up to 30 days for free
  • We will help you with the customs procedure
  • We will accommodate all your needs to the maximum
How does it work?

How does it work?

You get an address in the USA immediatelly!


Ship the goods to your new USA address

We resend the goods

We resend the goods - We will check, take a photo and ship the goods

Package is at home!

Package delivered - Your package will arrive to your home