Frequently asked questions...

Are there any monthly fees at NeoPackage?

No. There are no regular fees.

Why are products from the US so in demand?

  • 1. Low prices for parcel shipment with our service. Usually, it is also possible to buy goods from the US for a lower price than in your country
  • 2. Sellers in the US have a much wider selection of goods
  • 3. Some products are only available in the US, or you can only get them with worse quality, they are a bit different elsewhere, etc.

Why don’t US sellers ship to clients’ countries directly?

  • 1. They don’t know the customs procedures
  • 2. High price of shipping abroad
  • 3. Language barrier
  • 4. They don’t need to expand their target market because of the size of their home market

What are the advantages of shipping with NeoPackage?

  • 1. Big sales on postage fees
  • 2. Consolidation and savings on shipping costs
  • 3. No hidden fees. The price shown on our calculator is final!

How do I give my US address to the seller?

After you register, our system will create a virtual address in the US. You can use that with orders directly at the seller.

Which countries do you ship to?

We provide transport to about 220 countries around the world at the best conditions possible. The complete list of destinations can be found here.

How can re-packaging my parcel save me money and prevent possible damages during transport?

Sometimes the sellers pack their goods in larger boxes than strictly necessary and you pay for extra volume with the carrier for no reason. We will put your goods in a smaller box (for free?), helping you save substantially.

* Shipping fees are calculated using actual or volumetric weight. Volumetric weight is calculated as width*length*height /139. The carrier chooses the manner of calculating the price of transport that is financially most advantageous for them.

How can I ask for additional photos of the parcel content?

You can ask for photos easily directly in our system. As soon as we take pictures, we will add them to the other photos of the parcel.

How can I contact the seller and return the goods?

If the seller sent the wrong product, we recommend contacting them directly and reporting the error. If you want to return your goods to the seller, contact us at the e-mail [email protected], or on our chat. We will need the return label from the seller and the order ID.

Will you let me know when my parcel arrives?

Yes. You will get an e-mail notification and you will see the parcel after logging into your account in our system.

What happens if I exceed the 30-day storage period?

For each day of storage over the limit we charge $1 per box. We will notify you about the end of your storage period in advance.

Do you open the boxes that arrive to your storehouse?

After delivery, we only measure, weigh and take pictures of the parcels. However, if we suspect that the parcel contains dangerous or banned products, we will open it and check.

Do you offer storage in coolers?

No, we don’t.

How long after approving the shipment on my account will the parcel be dispatched?

We dispatch parcels on Monday to Friday at 9 AM to 5 PM (-6 hours). This is except for US national holidays. Usually, the parcels are dispatched on the first or second day after delivery to the storehouse.

Why are there several parcels stored when I only made one order with the retailer?

It is possible for your order to arrive in several boxes. For instance, the retailer may have dispatched one part of your order on Monday and another on Tuesday. Your order may also have been too large or heavy, not fitting into a single box.

Why is my order delivered to your storehouse according to the tracking, but not on my account?

We receive parcels Monday through Friday and sometimes, due to a large number of parcels, the data on your account is updated after 24 hours. Thank you for your patience.

Is it possible for individual sellers to ship parcels to your storehouse, not just commercial retailers?

Yes. There are no restrictions for this.

How can I calculate the preliminary price of parcel shipping?

You can use our calculator for that. You input the dimensions or weight that the seller states on their website. You will see the final price after the order arrives to us. The actual size and weight may differ slightly from the data stated.

Does the shipping fee include taxes and customs fees in my country?

No. We will calculate the customs duty and taxes in your country according to the laws of the country in question, based on the customs declaration you fill in for us before your parcel is dispatched.

Do you charge more money for excess size or weight?

All additional charges on parcels longer than 58 in (around 147 cm) or heavier than 70 lbs (about 32 kg) are already set in our calculator. The price is therefore final.

Are there additional charges on orders with declared value above $2500?

Yes. We charge $20 for filling in the special export documentation EEI. This only applies when the value of the contents is above $2500.

What is volumetric weight?

The basis for the calculation of volumetric weight is the size of the shipment. The formula is width*length*height /139. Some shipments may weigh little but with large dimensions. This means the postage fee is higher than with heavy parcels.

What is actual weight?

Actual weight is how much the scale really shows with your parcel.

What is billable weight?

Billable weight determines the final price of transport. The actual or the volumetric weight is always charged, always using the higher of the two values.

When do I pay for the postage fees?

You pay at the moment you decide to ship your parcel, send a request through the system and we approve it.

Is there an extra fuel fee?

No. We include the fuel surcharge in the price of the shipment.

Are there restrictions on the types of products I order?

Yes. We don’t admit dangerous goods in our storehouse. If we suspect such goods is in your order, we will open it and check it. If the suspicion is confirmed, we return the order to the sender.

We also recommend that you verify whether importing the products you ordered is allowed in your final destination.

What payment methods are possible?

You can pay by debit/credit card, via PayPal, bitcoin or bank transfer.

Will I get an invoice for your services?

Yes. You always receive an invoice for everything you pay us for. You will find it in our system in your account.

What are the most common reasons for my payment being declined?

Usually you have insufficient funds on your account, your bank, the provider has withheld your payment, the type of payment expired or the security code is wrong.

If your payment was declined, please contact us at [email protected].

What currency do you use for payments?

We use the United States dollar.

Is my payment information protected?

Yes. We don’t store your data, we only send it through encrypted protocols to the payment terminal provider. Your data is completely safe.

What is the security code, the CVN/CVV code on my card?

CVN (card verification number) or CVV (card verification value) is a special 3-digit number on the front or back of your card. Usually it is used to prevent credit card fraud. Our provider of payment services automatically declines payments with an incorrect CVN/CVV code. For more information on CVN or CVV codes, please contact your financial institution.

If tax or customs duties applies to me in my country, how will I be charged for these transaction?

You will pay the carrier at the moment of delivery – cash on delivery. You can see the value of shipments subject to tax or customs duties at your customs office.

Can I insure my parcel?

All shipment have an insurance up to $300, you can get additional insurance for an extra fee. If your order is damaged or lost in transport, contact us at [email protected]

Where can I send the items I ordered?

Once you register in our system, you automatically get an address in the US free of charge. You can have your orders delivered to this address. Once it arrives, we measure, weigh and photograph your parcel and register it in our system. After that, you can comfortably send the package anywhere in the world.

Why is the store declining my credit card payment?

There may be a number of reasons. Usually, you have insufficient funds on your account, your bank, the provider has withheld your payment, the type of payment expired or the security code is wrong.

In case you are not successful with your payment despite none of the above occurring, you can use our assisted shopping service.

What type of items cannot be sent with NeoPackage?

We never ship dangerous goods, such as ammunition, weapons, high-risk chemicals, etc.

Some products acceptable in the US might not be legal in the country of import. Please, take into account that the responsibility for importing these goods is entirely yours. In an extreme case, the customs office may confiscate these items.

Can I translate the e-shop I want to shop in somehow?

Yes, simply paste the link to the website here: http://translate.google.com

Can I save money while shopping in the US?

Save on shipping with NeoPackage services:

  • You can save up to 80% on shipping
  • When possible, we can change your packaging to lower the price of shipping
  • Send your parcels to your American address that you receive after signing up in our system. Don’t be tempted by some American sellers sending abroad. Direct shipping will always be much more expensive.

Watch out for promotional campaigns, sign up for newsletters and use discount coupons, which are very popular in the US.

Last but not least, use price comparison tools.

Did you know that..?

  • We are 7 years on the market
  • We provide delivery discount
  • Free shipping
  • No fees
  • Storage up to 30 days
  • We take a photo of you package
  • We advise you with duties and taxes